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All Ages welcome

2 Miler | $35.00

Ride in a helicopter!

5 Miler | $65.00

Aerial Lift Bridge, Port Terminal

10 Miler | $95.00

20 Miler | $169.00

Aerial Lift Bridge, Canal Park, Glensheen Mansion, Lake Superior


See the ships loading and offloading their cargo at the Coal and Orr Docks in Duluth & Superior. Fly over the St. Louis River, St. Louis Bay, High Bridge, Port Terminal, Canal Park, Aerial Lift Bridge, and up the North Shore of Lake Superior to Glensheen Mansion.

Tour Route Information


Additional Important Information

No passenger can weigh 300 lbs. or more and no combination of passengers can weigh over 575 lbs. Maximum 3 passengers per flight. All passengers weighed on site. Passenger can have nothing in pockets and phones must be secured by secondary device aside from passengers hand to take on-board the aircraft. Secondary securing devices are available on site for $5.50 including tax. Customer should arrive 10 minutes prior to their schedule flight time to complete the check in and safety briefing.

Tour Departure Location


Cancellation Policy

If LSH cancels due to safety of flight customer will be issued a new flight time or a 100% refund will be issued. Flight will launch within 60 minutes of scheduled time. Customer must cancel at least 24 hours prior to scheduled flight time to receive a refund.