(CFI) Flight Instructor is often the first flying position a helicopter pilot will acquire. A Certified Flight Instructor Rating (CFI) is required for a pilot to give instruction training other pilots and future pilots (YOU!?). A CFI is responsible for all aspects of training pilot applicants so our CFI program is designed to provide you with the skills to instruct both helicopter flight and ground lessons. The primary focus of our CFI program is to train you to be an effective educator, evaluator and motivator. This is a great way for pilots to build flight time while enjoying a rewarding career.

Generally, the flight time for the CFI is the difference between your flight time upon earning a commercial license and 200 hours of total time needed by law to teach in Robinson Helicopters.  The average training program consists of 15 to 25 hours of flight training and about 30 hours of ground training.Students learn best when having fun!


(CFII) After receiving your instrument and commercial ratings you are able to apply for your Instrument Instructor rating or CFII (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument).The CFII rating allows a rated flight instructor to teach the instrument rating.

This becomes a valuable tool for instructors when applying for teaching jobs and beyond making you more marketable. During your CFII training you will learn to apply the teaching skills you learned and developed in your Certified Flight Instructor rating to teach your students instrument flying. You will develop ground and flight lessons that will aid you in carrying your students successfully through their instrument training. During your training we will place you in simulated and real world teaching situations to give you the tools and confidence you need to be successful as an instrument instructor.