11187324_10206997600955615_4035195044046759107_oAt one time or another every one of us was in your shoes; we had the overwhelming desire to fly helicopters but the financial aspect seemed to be quite a hurdle. Let me tell you from experience this hurdle is not as high as it appears. There are numerous options for funding your training as long as you know where to look. We have made our payment policy as student friendly as possible and have listed many of the financing options here on our website but we encourage you to come down and meet with us so together we can find a financing option that is right for you.

Our Payment Policy

  • We require no upfront payments.
  • There is no minimum account balance needed to get our advertised student price.
  • If you would like, you can pay upon completion of each flight.
  • There are no penalties or charges if you need to stop your training or remove money from your account with us.

AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association)

Now you can apply for financing for your flight training, whether you are a student or working on your upgrade. The AOPA Flight Training Funds account can help you earn your wings! www.aopa.org (must be an AOPA member)

  • Predictable Payments
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Collateral Needed
  • Renewable Sources of Cash
  • Credit line up to $25,000.00
  • Support AOPA and General Aviation


Must be an APOA member ($39.00)

Pilot Finance Inc.

This loan is designed for part-time flight training (1-5 flight lessons per week). Maximum amount financed is limited only by the applicant’s income, debts and credit record. To apply online, visit www.pilotfinance.com or call 800.667.0201.

Wells Fargo

The Wells Fargo Education Connection Loan is an alternative loan for students seeking a degree, multi-course certificate, or license. Students make no payments while in school; the maximum in-school period is five years (four-year schools) or two years (all other schools).


Undergraduate and graduate students must:

  • Be enrolled full-time, half-time or less than half-time at an eligible college
  • Possess positive credit histories, an acceptable debt-to-income ratio, and a minimum income of $12,000 or a cosigner with a minimum income of $12,000
  • Be U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals or permanent resident aliens without conditions. For permanent resident aliens, a U.S citizen cosigner is required

CU Student Loans

Main Program Features

  • Borrow as little as $2,000 or up to Cost of Attendance per year
    • Borrow up to $120,000 in undergraduate debt
    • Borrow up to $160,000 in graduate debt
  • Variable interest loan based upon 3-Month LIBOR index plus margin
  • Interest paid on loan may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor
  • Please note, you must choose between making interest-only payments or a nominal $25 Proactive Payment towards the loan while in school
  • Use the funds for any qualified educational expense
  • No prepayment penalty and 30-day loan cancellation policy
  • Fast pre-approval once we receive your completed application

Student Benefits

  • No Origination Fee
    All student borrowers enjoy no origination fee.
  • Credit + Academic based underwriting
    We use the ACS Grade, which takes into account the credit history of the borrower/cosigner as well as the academic progress of the student. Good grades and getting closer to graduation means a lower loan rate!
  • 1% Interest Rate Reduction
    Once you have entered the full repayment period and 10% of the loan principal is repaid
  • 30 Day No-Fee Return Policy
    You can cancel the loan within 30 days of disbursement and you owe no fees and no interest
  • Cosigner Release
    Available for creditworthy borrowers after 24 consecutive on-time principal + interest payments.

Eligibility & Credit Requirements

  • Borrower must be enrolled in an eligible school and pursuing a degree program
  • Borrower must be a member or join a participating credit union during the online application process
  • Borrower must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
  • Creditworthy student borrowers can apply without a cosigner



Helicopter Foundation International

Federal Aviation Administration

Whirly-Girls International Women Helicopter Pilots