Lake Superior Helicopters opened its doors in 2009 with the goal of creating a safe, positive, and productive learning experience.  Sandy, Bernie, Scott, Sean, and Eric were students at other flight training facilities whose paths and experiences converged to create Lake Superior Helicopters.

We came together with the vision of creating a flight school we would enjoy attending.  We drew from our experiences to create a flight school that cares about the students and treats them as valued customers.  Our goal of having the best flight school has driven us to continually make improvements to our program.  We believe this process will be never-ending, mainly due to our dedication to prepare our students for the dynamic career as a profeIMG_8467ssional helicopter pilot.  This inspired us to pursue our 141 certification which is a time consuming process to create an FAA approved flight program.

Our dedication to our students doesn’t stop at graduation.  We feel it is unfair and a disservice to our students not to assist in the next step of their career. To help our students succeed, we network with other commercial helicopter companies in the area to provide internships and job opportunities for our graduates.  This dedication has allowed us to maintain a 100% placement rate for our graduates.

This passion has inspired us to shareR22 Nilson and Hatch our passion for helicopters with those who may not want to make it a career.  With this in mind we started offering aerial tours of the Duluth and Superior area as well as traveling to many locations during the year to provide helicopter rides.  “It’s the greatest feeling when you bring up an individual who is unsure about helicopters and upon the completion of the ride tells me it was the most amazing experience of their lives” says Director of Operations Eric Monson.

Every day is a new day to share our passion with others!


Lake Superior Helicopters Company Core Values:

A Above and Beyond

We work hard to exceed expectations by proactively seeking ways to help our customers and coworkers.


S Safety first

We mitigate risk with our decisions and actions creating a safe and reliable operation.


C Community

We commit to a culture of kindness, caring, and honesty through mutual respect towards our customers, coworkers, and community.


E Empower

We challenge, inspire, and educate by being ambassadors of aviation to inspire the future generation with our professionalism and passion.


N Never Compromise

Integrity driven, we provide the highest quality service for our customers.


D Dare to Dream

We never stop growing and dreaming.  The skies are vast with unlimited opportunity.  We strive for the growth of the individual, the company, and the industry.